Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scottsburg is getting the shaft.

I was reading one of those other blogs, not because I want to, but because if I don't, them people will make fun of me for now knowing the things that I can't admit to knowing for fear of being viewed by you, the ratepayer and little person, as one of them.

All of a sudden this fellow Dan Chandler, who's not even from New Albany, wrote this:

Today's CJ contains an article stating that 134 manufacturing jobs are coming to Scottsburg. The article says:

"The Indiana Economic Development Corporation offered Tokusen up to $1.1 million in performance-based tax credits and up to $75,000 in training grants based on the company’s job creation plans. The city of Scottsburg will provide additional property tax abatement."

I'm waiting for someone to say these 134 jobs are a bad thing. Had Scottsburg and the State of Indiana used all of their funds to reduce fees elsewhere, Scottsburg would have 134 fewer good jobs.
Well, citizens, I'll say it -- It's a bad thing!

It's about time that property tax abatements went to the people who pay the property taxes, not some big company from a place that I can't even pronounce. Yes, they'll go to Scottsburg and spend money, then they'll pay living wages, and pretty soon those workers will forget what it's like to barely graduate and be doomed to a life of auctioneering. Can you imagine how bad things would be if I had to pay for a license?

The very same company came to me and said they'd build right here in New Albany, so long as we provided nothing and played fiar, by the rules, just like the little people do, and I told them I'd try (I can't tell you the name of the man, it was all in Japanese or something), but Carl Maalox wouldn't even return my call on his fancy city cell phone. I told him Birdseye is better, but it was too late.

If you'll excuse me, my dogs are barking again, and I need to go stir the barbecued bologna some more.

God bless and hail Mary, etc.

CM Cappuccino

Monday, March 22, 2010

And now for the TRUTH.

Sorry I'm a bit late for this occasional posting. Last week, it was hectic. There was a sewer rate increase to deal with, and even though I've been on the council for more than eight years, I had to figure out some way to make it look like my presence has actually mattered. It was hectic, but with the help of Little Stevie, I came up with one whopper of a lie.

Here it is: They tricked me.

Last week, I was contacted by some people I can't identify, about a sewer proposal that is fair, but because I need to keep it a secret until the next meeting, I know you'll trust me not to tell you. I know, but I don't know. Then I read in the paper about that goldurned parking garage that doesn't exist.

The last thing we need in this time of economic problems is another proposal to develop the economy. How can we justify to ratepayers like me, who had trouble finishing school and really don't have a clue about the way that the real world works, that developers want to come here and hire people?

It's just a giveaway when we spend 12 million over 20 years in order to get 50 million right now, and what's more, who can even count that high?

Mr. Baylor told councilman McWafflin that he has "skin in this game", meaning downtown, which as you know is my district, too, but I care about other parts of the city, not my own. Why do these pergessives think that everyone must become better off to suit their own greed for expensive beers and trip to places I can't pronounce?

Well, I'd like to write more, but the barbecued bologna is about to overcook, and ma will get mad if it isn't on the table by 6.

God bless and all that

Councilman Cappuccino

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You've come to the right place.

Why not?